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Rule #1 according to the movie Zombieland.

Zombies Run

Zombie Run

In general I heartily agree with this rule.  Being able to run a good distance is going to be crucial to survival in certain scenarios, the zombie apocalypse being one of them.  I just think of the old joke about bear attacks in a group of campers.

“When a bear attacks you don’t have to be the fastest…you just can’t be the slowest.”

That chubby dorito-eating couch potato running away from the zombie horde next to you is going to buy you a minute or two at least when he gives up and keels over from exhaustion.  Just make sure that it’s not you.  Personally, I run 2 miles 3 times a week at the gym for just such an occasion. Honestly, I figure if I have to run more than 2 miles to find a hideout from zombies then I’m in the middle of nowhere and I’m screwed anyway.

But by all means, set your own cardio regimen for the apocalypse.

There is new trend in 5K events that involve adding obstacle courses to the mix.  The Warrior Dash is on my agenda for April in Dallas.  It looks like a great event and from friends who have run, it sounds like a great day.  Through the wonders of Twitter, today I discovered THIS!

Run For Your Lives 5K with zombies AND obstacle course.  Double plus good race.  I like the idea of treating “life points” like flag football but I worry for a first year event about the lopsided nature of being at the END of a 5K and trying to outrun someone who’s fresh.

Which brings us back to the argument of just how fast a zombie should move/walk/run.  I had this argument on twitter with @zombietraining just today, who insisted that zombies can power-walk but not run and had a speed of somewhere between 3-5MPH.  Fine. Who am I to argue the biomechanics of imaginary creatures?

Obviously you have to pick a canon and stick with it, 28 Days Later zombies run, Night Of The Living Dead zombies, shuffle/walk.  Other canons are a mixed bag.  Arguments for top speed and hunting method are kind of pointless without defining the exact material we’re working from.  Unless…someone out there has an ACTUAL zombie tied up to a treadmill.  If that’s the case, please call me I’d love to run some tests.  For sheer scariness though, I prefer fast zombies.

If the Run for Your Lives race organizers pick 28 Days Later zombies, I have a hard time seeing any but the best runners escaping.  If they pick Night of the Living Dead walkers then the presence of zombies in the race would be a fun little obstacle all along the way without presenting too much of a challenge.  They could certainly motivate you to climb that wall obstacle twice as fast.

Either way the event sounds like a blast.  I want in.  October 22, Baltimore, Maryland.  Register now Cardio freaks!



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