Flash Fiction Contest: Once Upon a Time Writing


Anna Meade (@ruanna3) and co-host Susi Holliday (@sjiholliday) over at YearningForWonderland.blogspot.com are running a flash fiction contest honoring the storyteller’s traditional “Once Upon a Time” theme.  The OUAT writing contest is simple: 350 words of an unexpected or fractured fairy tale. Complete rules are here.  Follow entries on twitter with hashtag #OUATWRITING.

Prizes include a whole BUNCH of nifty stuff, including t-shirts, edits, books, and best of all your entry immortalized for National Flash Fiction day!


My humble entry:



“Tell me a ghost story, Uncle George.” Patty yawned, her eyes mesmerized by the glowing embers of the campfire.
“Ghost story?” Uncle George kicked his boots out beside the fire. “Don’t know if’n it’s a ghost story, but damned if it ain’t a scary story…”
“I reckon it was a long while back,” George said,
“Like the 70’s?” Patty giggled.
George ignored her sassin’, “My cousin—Buford—was a poor ranchhand down New Braunsfel’s way, and his wife runned oft with the rodeo, leaving him and his two kids all alone.  Now, I don’t remember their God-given names—but everybody called them Bubba and Sissy.  Their daddy took to Honky-Tonking after they momma runned out, and he fell in with this beautiful filly, name of Tiffani.  Buford was in love, because Tiffani had these big ol’….eyes.”
“Big eyes?”
“Never-you-mind,” George stammered. “Pretty soon, Buford and Tiffani went to the Justice and them kids had a new step-mom.”
“Oooh, was she mean? Did she starve them?” Patty asked, her eyes aglow.
“Damn near,” George hissed. “She was a VEGAN! Wouldn’t let no one have no chicken-fried steak, no brisket, not even…one…drop…of gravy.”
Patty gasped, hugging her pillow.
“Pretty soon, Tiffani had her fill of them step-kids and sent ‘em off to summer camp, deep in the woods of East Texas.”
Patty shivered.
“Anyway, Bubby and Sissy skeedaddled from camp to find their way back home.  They was plumb lost, and ended up following their noses to an old smoke shack filled with delicious sausages, turkey, and ribs. Well, they got to eating all of it.  Turns out it was owned by an old Messican woman with glaucoma, who caught them kids red-handed.  She gave them all kinds of Hell, until they tricked ol’ Abuelita into the smoker and called the Texas Rangers,” George chuckled.  “When the cops took them home, ol’ Tiffani was gone.”
“She died?”
“Worse,” George moaned. “She left out to liberal-arts college to study Genders….in CALIFORNIA!”
Patty’s terrified scream filled the night sky.


Enjoy and good luck to all the other writers!


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